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What is
Indoor Skydiving ?

Our wind tunnel reproduces the same sensation as skydiving performed during an airplane jump
Four engines blow air into the tunnel between 160 and 300 km/h and allows to lift a human body
Security, fun ans sensations guaranteed
iFly Aix-Marseille - Video

Who can fly?

iFLY is open for all
From 5 to 105 years old and why not more, there is not limit age to fly.
A leisure, a sport to discover with your family, between your friends or collegues. But also for the passionates of skydiving or those who've always dreamed of jumping out of a plane.
We have many regular clients in a handicap situation and we do our best to make fly everyone, no matter the handicap! Most cases, a physical handicap is not a problem to perform a flight.

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Becouse of the special attention we give with disabilities, we ask you to take contact to us in advance and we recommend to book on week days so you could enjoy your experience fully.

If you have a physical or mental disability:

  • first appointment with an instructor (before booking) will be necessary so that we can evaluate together the feasability of your flight and the organization of it (supported by one or two instructors and date/time of the flight).
  • A medical certificate specifying that you don't have any medical contraindication for practicing indoor skydiving will be MANDATORY the day of your FLIGHT.

Even if we cannot garantee to make you fly we promise you to put everything in place so you could live an unforgettable experience.

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  • Weight less than 115kg if you measure less than 1m85 and weight less than 136kg if you measure more than 1m85
  • From 5 years old
  • NOT to be pregnat
  • Do not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Do not wear a cast

How it goes ?
The day of your flight

Fill online your declaration of risk (easier, faster)
Put your sport shoes, sneakers type if you have some
Wear comfortable clothes (preference collarless t-shirt, jeans, soft pants or sports wear)
Don't forget your hairband if you have long hair, if not be carefull with the nodes

iFLY fonctions like an airline: if you're late, your flight will be lost. Be sure to leave on time!

iFly Aix-Marseille - At iFLY


(one hour befor your flight)

  • Arrive at iFLY 1 hour before your time flight
  • Registration and signature of your declaration of risks
  • Under 18 years old need a parent / guardian
  • Meet your instructor
  • Briefing
  • Equipment (flying suite, glasses and helmet)
  • Head to the flying chamber accompanied by your instructor
iFly Aix-Marseille - It's time to fly!

It's time to fly!

(don't forget to smile)

  • Wait for your turn and head on to the flying chambers door
  • Lean on and lie down gently over the air flow... you're flying!
  • Don't forget to salute the members of your family and friends who while you're flying.
  • The tunnel driver will immortalize this moment
  • Photos will be available for purchase at the reception after your flight
Can't wait to restart?
At the end of the session, your instructor may ask you want to fly one or more minutes at a reduced price - if the planning allows it
iFly Aix-Marseille - After the flight

After the flight

There are big chances that euphoria wins over the participants, check, congratulations and bis smiles are common at iFLY!

  • Your instructor will debrief you personnally and will give you your flight certificate
  • Buy or get the video and photos of your flight if you wish (if you are already paid)
  • Book your next flight (at a very low price)
  • Don't forget to pay your vertical lift-off (or Fly Up)* or your extra flight before leaving
If you liked it, ask your instructor about the next step of your progression, we may have some special offers even more interesting for the begginers.
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What's the vercial lift-off (or FLy up) ?

Our instructors are capable to make ou lift off the grown in our tunnel, thoses skydiving experts will make to turn into the summit of the fliyng chamber !

Ask for more information to your instructor. These option is available only in site the day of your flight, provide an additional cost.

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Our tunnel

Diameter of the flying chamber 4,3 m
Maximum flying height 13,5 m (5,5 m of glass)
Chamber volume 195m3 (80 m3 of glass)
Building height 19m
iFly Aix-Marseille - Turbine
Maximum speed 300 km/h
Power 2440 cv (4 x 350 kW)